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County Administration & Departments

The chief executive authority of the County is the elected board of County Commissioners.


The Registry of Deeds and the Treasurer’s office are managed by the separately elected Register of Deeds and Treasurer, respectively.


The Agricultural High School is under the supervision of its board of Trustees. The three Commissioners serve as school trustees ex officio, and there are four trustees appointed by the Governor.


The Facilities Maintenance Department, Engineering Department, Wollaston Recreational Facility, RSVP Volunteer program and the Commissioners' office itself, which includes the County purchasing and personnel offices, are directly supervised by the Commissioners with the assistance of the County Director, who acts as the board's executive secretary.


Norfolk County Commissioners
614 High Street, Dedham, MA 02027-0310
Telephone: 781-461-6105
General Inquiries:
Public Records Request:

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