Treasurer Connolly Announces Bond Upgrade Savings


Treasurer Connolly Announces Bond Upgrade Savings
Dedham - Today Norfolk County Treasurer Joseph A. Connolly announced that as a result of a recent Norfolk County bond rating upgrade, the County has saved over $200,000 in interest charged for the Norfolk County Agricultural High School (NCAHS) Construction Project Bond.  The bond upgrade is the first in thirty years for Norfolk County. 
“These savings are another indication of the benefits of operating Norfolk County in a fiscally sound manner,” said Connolly.  The $28.5M bond is funding construction of new facilities and renovation of existing facilities at NCAHS. 
Moody’s Investors Services upgraded the County’s bond rating to Aa2 from the previous Aa3 based on Norfolk County’s large and mature tax base, strong demographic profile, maintenance of a solid financial position, and low debt burden.